Our Story

We were part of existing buying groups, but as they grew, we were just a number. For an established practice, we felt that the benefits did not exceed the costs. As our industry changed, we felt buying groups could offer more value to members and vendors. We also felt their top priorities is to grow their business and collect fees from members and vendors. We knew there could be a better solution for eye care professionals like us and that is why the eyeTrust Network was born.

Any successful network relies on establishing trust, being transparent and personable. We are on a mission to inspire and empower eye care professionals through a collaborative community guided by core values that provide opportunities to improve, prosper and grow. Our collaboration has empowered us to focus on exceeding expectations with the help of our core values (Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Communication and Innovation).

EyeTrust Network operates as a non-profit organization and as such, fees are only required to develop and implement the needs and wants of the membership. We guarantee that 100% of all negotiated discounts and savings that are derived from member purchases go back to the member. Together, we can make a difference in your success by providing volume buying, patient retention and practice management solutions.


Core Values


  All long-term relationships rely heavily on trust. By having a high degree of integrity, we take great pride in establishing strong relationships with our members and partners.


  Our open minded philosophy helps us build and maintain lasting relationships. Our organization makes an effort to be 100% transparent. We are committed to growing and nurturing our membership.


  We have that creative spark so we are fun and easy to work with. We enjoy each others company and that is one reason we can successfully add value to your experience.


  We will focus on the art of conversation to make the membership feel welcomed and engaged. Let us share a story or a laugh to make our network events the best experience.


  Our goal is to continually develop and procure the best technologies and services available for our members. We take innovation seriously and always welcome new and creative ideas.


When you trust your intuition, the more empowered
 you become and the happier you feel in life.

Together, we can make a difference. 

Our Leadership Team

All long-­term relationships rely heavily on trust and by having a high degree of integrity, we take great pride in establishing strong relationships with our members.
We understand the importance of trust and believe in our core values that support it.

Dr. Archie Chung, OD


After almost 35+ years of practice, I am passionate about helping my patients. I like to equip my clinics with the latest technology to provide the most up to date vision care, tailored to individual needs of patients, from specialty eye wear, contact lenses, refractive surgery and medical care.

Dr. Joe Elmalem, OD

ETN Trustee

Working in the York region since 1994 has allowed me to create lasting relationships and provide compassionate care. With a therapeutic certification for ocular diseases by the College of Optometrists, I focus on solving patient’s problems and providing continuous care. I am also passionate about eye care missions.

Dr. Linda Tse, OD


Serving the diverse multicultural community in Toronto for the past 30+ years has allowed me to take great pride in educating my patients on choices in vision correction as well as improving eye and general health through nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Mayur Desai, OD

ETN Trustee

Being known in the industry for optometric relations, I have harnessed the ability to better understand my patients. I build connections with my patients during their visit. For the last 13 years, I have also committed to serve in charitable eye care missions in North and South America.

Dr. Vitu Banh, OD

ETN Trustee

Dr. Banh spends time in educating his patients to understand conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Enjoys chi running and is knowledgeable in topics such as nutrition, team building, leadership, public speaking, and leadership development.

Dr. Cassandra Chung, OD

ETN Trustee

As the daughter of Dr. A. Chung and Dr. Tse, she has been immersed in the eye care industry her whole life. She was inspired to be an optometrist by her amazing family, but also by her interest in perception; specifically, how vision and cognition interplay to form one’s experience of the world.

Dr. Nish Rajani, OD

ETN Trustee

As one of the only eleven North American optometrists selected to be on the prestigious Allergan Global Speakers Forum, I am confident in educating all my patients. As a strong supporter of optometry, I believe in delivering customized care with the most advanced technologies.

Taylor Chung, RO


I was inspired to be an RO by my family, but also my interest in making an impact in other people’s lives. I am passionate about building relationships, providing great service, recommendations, educating and helping my patients understand the importance of eye health and eyewear.

Current Vendor Partnerships  

We have currently negotiated discount programs with the following companies:

Contact Lenses

Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal

Ophthalmic Lenses

Essilor, Plastic Plus, Riverside, Kodak Lens, iLab, Hoya, Nikon


Alternative, Optical Supply, Morel, Westgroupe, Plan B, C.S. Optical, Centennial, MODO

Sunglasses & Specialty Eyewear

Costa, Liberty Sport

Lab & Optical Supplies

McCray Optical, Lenscan Medical

Equipment & Eyecare Products

Briot/Weco, Lenscan Medical, Zeiss, Topcon, Precision Technology, Nutra Sea Professional, Bright Optical, Axis Medical, Labtician

Office Solutions


Business Solutions

Roam Wireless, eyeTrust, Digipix, marketing4ecps

Together, we can make a difference.

Importance of Trust: Our Vision

We have a vision to be a collaborative community of like-minded and entrepreneurial eye care providers
 that want the opportunity to improve, prosper, and grow.


  • We have a vision to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable patient experiences.


  • We have a vision to provide eye care in an environment that everyone trusts and loves.


  • Our collaboration has empowered us to focus on exceeding expectations with the help of our core values.


  • Our motto is “Together, we can make a difference”. Let us show you how we can support your success.

Get to know our members and leadership team through various social events, gatherings, activity outings and much more!



Optometry, Opticianry, and
 Optometric Assistants

  • Networking
  • Event Invites
  • Job Opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge


Standard Membership at the Best Value

$600 /year + hst
    • Vendor Discounts
    • Networking & Event Invites
    • Knowledge & Collaboration
    • Practice Management
    • Marketing & Patient Retention
    • Membership Guarantee


1 to 1 discussion to learn more about:

  • Vendor Discounts
  • Membership Fee & Benefits
  • Mission, Vision, & Core Values
  • Organizational Structure
  • Who We Are